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Elisa Boxer is:


• a children's author
• an Emmy Award-winning journalist

• a New York Times-published essayist
• a Columbia-trained newspaper,

   magazine and TV reporter

• a former ABC-affiliate news anchor

• creator of the Mindful Ink column

   at Inc. magazine

Coming in 2020 from Sleeping Bear Press, my debut picture book! It's the little-known story of a mother from Tennessee whose letter to her son changed the course
of history, by giving all women the right to vote.

New York Times published essayist Elisa Boxer

"Thanks to a 4-Year-Old, a Laugh Stronger Than Death"


Fifteen years ago, I walked up to a podium in the Governor’s mansion and looked out over a sea of hands, twisting and waving in the air. Dozens of members of Maine’s deaf community were there, and this is how they clap. Vigorously. Silently. They were honoring me with an award for my WMTW-TV series of investigative reports on decades-old sexual abuse at the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf. Some of the victims were in that audience.


“Thank you,” I said through the interpreter, “for letting me be your voice.”

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