Assumptions Are Scary!


Boo! Here’s my entry for Susanna Hill’s 8th annual Halloweensie contest for children’s writers. The rules: Write a 100-word Halloween story, incorporating the words shiver, cauldron, and howl.


Assumptions Are Scary!

Beth hated to hear all the howling next door.

Those poor kidnapped animals, scared to the core.

When the witch drove away and returned with big bags,

the howling began. That nasty old hag!

She clearly was casting a Halloween spell

on shivering creatures, oh how they yelled!

Beth peeked in the window that Halloween night,

but rather than finding a cauldron of fright,

she saw a young woman surrounded by pups,

pouring big bags of food, which they gobbled right up.

“Thank goodness I went to the shelter that night.”

Then the dogs answered back, with howls of delight.